About us

Bringing together engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians & statisticians to create multi-disciplinary innovation

The organisation was founded in 2007 as the Industry division of The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems (MASCOS). In 2011 this division then became the Australian Centre of Commercial Mathematics (ACCM) at University of NSW. It was then in 2012 that the Centre of Excellence was spun-off to establish The Industrial Sciences Group (ISG) in Sydney, Australia. We utilise the strengths of world class industrial mathematicians, statisticians, engineers, econometricians, and computer scientists with a commercial focus.

The ISG specialises in industrial applications of predictive and prescriptive analytics, incorporating advanced mathematics and statistics, delivering solutions in transport, mining, aerospace as well as plant control, process control and medical devices.

The ISG builds on research work in industrial modelling projects with a commercial and engineering focus on useable, practical tools. We collaborate with several Universities in Australia and overseas E.g. The Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation at University of NSW Civil Engineering, Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre at University of Queensland, New York University Centre for Urban Sciences “CUSP”, EPFL Urban Transport Systems Lab in in Switzerland.

Our Vision

Industrial Sciences Group’s vision is to make advanced analytics available and practical for industrial organisations with complex and messy data. Our use of advanced analytics creates the predictive, and prescriptive algorithms that will help you and your customers and partners become more profitable, gain greater market share, and increase speed to market.

Our Value

We bring a ready made team of advanced mathematicians, scientists and econometricians combined with the practical thinking of engineers who are ready to provide a laser focus on to your business problems.

Our Philosophy

Innovation takes place at the intersection of disciplines. Here at ISG we concentrate on the intersection between: Traffic science; Geo-Sciences; Engineering; Econometrics; Physics; Aerospace Science; Telecoms Networking; Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning.

“The difference between science and engineering is that science seeks to understand what there is; while engineering seeks to create what never was.”     Engineer and scientist Theodore von Karman

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