Applied Statistician/Statistical Engineer

Permanent part-time position at ISG’s North Sydney office-. Starting at 2-3 days per week growing to full-time. Project based -work : commencing with three exciting projects in the space sector we are doing with NASA. The projects cover analysis, modelling , Monte Carlo simulations and development of a Bayesian Decision Support tool for : collision avoidance between objects in Earth orbit; a lunar mission to land a robotic spacecraft on the Moon; Mission to orbit the Moon as part of the new NASA gateway.

Skills required:

· Degree in Statistics and experiencing in statistical consulting/Projects in engineering /industrial sectors with a focus on applied statistics,

· Candidates with an Engineering degree and good statistical knowledge/experience are very welcome to apply.

· Candidates must have working knowledge and experience in classical statistics (regression, Curve fitting etc.), Bayesian statistics, Bayesian modelling, Monte Carlo simulation and Design of Experiments.

· Knowledge of surrogate modelling, Markov chain Monte Carlo, AI/statistical machine learning methods will also be an advantage.


If this sounds like you, please email your CV to David Shteinman at the address below so we can set up an interview. I look forward to discussing the role with you. Please send introduction and CV to