Dr Zdravetz Lazarov

Senior Advisor

Zdravetz has thirteen years’ experience as an economic and statistical modeller with more than 7 years in industry and 6 years in academia. He holds a PhD degree in Financial Econometrics from University of Bonn, Germany. Zdravetz has worked in the area of time series analysis for over 5 years, both in academia and industry. His PhD studies were concentrated on time series modelling of general economic and financial time series.  This includes building and testing advanced statistical models for various economic series such as household income distribution, gross domestic product, volatility in financial markets.  Zdravetz has held research positions in Australian universities, where he published in the field of modelling and predicting financial time series.  Additional academic experience includes working on a joint industry project between UNSW and Sydney Catchment Authority analysing trends in water quality while accounting for confounding variables such as seasonality and rainfall.

Major projects  include new methods to improve the design of micro-simulation models, area wide network control for reducing urban traffic congestion, estimating travel times on a freeway, experimental design for process improvement in a Gold mine’s process plant, experimental debottlenecking process improvement in Potash mine, performance analysis of a spacecraft communication network, design of lunar landing simulations and redesign of the instrument calibration system at a nuclear reactor.