Mark Yeo

Lead Software/Mechatronics Engineer

Mark is the Lead Software and Mechatronics Engineer at the Industrial Sciences Group (ISG). He is actively involved in the development of Geoscience Australia’s ‘Ginan’ software toolkit, as well as several space-related projects including a Sensor Tasking & Scheduling program for the Space Environment Management CRC (SERC) and a Manoeuvre Decision Support System tool for NASA’s Conjunction Assessment Risk Analysis group at the Goddard Space Flight Centre.

Mark has also worked on a wide range of satellite-related projects, including an Optus ground station tool for processing satellite telemetry, systems-level design of a CubeSat, and development of a 3-axis CubeSat reaction wheel system.

Mark has an interest in Kalman filtering, code run-time optimisation and scientific programming – particularly with applications in space.