Matthew Kokolich

Matthew is an enthusiastic Software Engineer who thrives in fast-paced, team-oriented environments where his versatility and love for problem-solving shine. Matthew’s passion lies in building resilient systems and leveraging emerging technologies to drive innovation.

With ISG, Matthew has demonstrated his interest in applying modern programming methodologies through his work on “Predicter”, a real-time analytics and uncertainty modelling graphing solution. With Matthew’s contributions, the application went from updating once every 3 seconds to 10 milliseconds for a 300x performance improvement.

Matthew is currently pursuing his Honours with the University of New South Wales with his thesis, “Server Implementation of Smart Energy Grid Network Protocol in Rust”. Through his work, Matthew aims to produce the world’s first open-source implementation of the Smart Energy Profile to aid in progressing our transition to renewable energy sources.

When he gets a chance to step away from the keyboard after a day of programming, Matthew enjoys various hobbies including bouldering, cooking and playing the saxophone. In 2018, Matthew had the privilege of being invited to perform his original composition, “Darwin – for Saxophone Quartet”, at the Sydney Opera House. Today, Matthew performs with various community ensembles as well as the Australian Army’s Lancer Band.