What makes us different


We are passionate about the application of advanced mathematics and statistics to large scale industrial and engineering settings. This is more than just a job for us, we work on projects because we want to solve complex problems and make our customers and partners successful. We are looking to create a step change by bringing proven new ideas to solve tough problems.



    We bring together a team of scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, and engineers each with different experience gained from different fields. This diverse and multi-disciplinary approach provides a uniquely creative environment to developing innovative solutions. We aim to create something new by taking multiple broader perspectives.


      Learning and growing

      We are looking to create an environment where team members learn and grow from each project. Our objective is to help the entire project team – including ISG, client and partners – learn new skills, broaden their capabilities and adopt new learnings going forward. We aim to create new thinking through adaptation, collaboration and evolution.


        Sample Customers