TRACER (Tools for Risk Assessment & Uncertainty Quantification) is a space mission analytics toolkit to reduce uncertainty and risk of complex space missions in LEO, lunar & cis-lunar space.

  • Satellite Tracking Analysis
  • Ground Station Characterisation
  • Trajectory Simulation
  • Low Thrust Simulation
  • Lunar Lander Simulation


TASKER is a toolkit for the optimizing scheduling and tasking of multiple sensors for tracking many objects.

  • Automated sensor scheduling
  • Reduce sensor idle time
  • Automated maintenance of object catalogue
  • Maximized sensor utility


MDSS (Manoeuvre Decision Support System) assists satellite operations in conjunction assessment and manoeuvre planning by using a meaningful and intuitive metric.

  • Accurate predictions of collision
  • Action advice for satellite operators
  • Support alert prioritization
  • Collision avoidance options
  • Algorithm trained on NASA data


PREDICTER (Predictive Resource for Estimating Data In Complex Time-series) is a time-series analytics tool that allows operators to rapidly understand the predicted future behaviour of telemetry data, in order to foresee problems and make informed decisions in real-time. The tool gives advanced warning to operators if a certain parameter is statistically likely to exceed upper/lower thresholds in the near future. This gives operators greater control over the vehicle, such as maintaining a specified test environment or ensuring safety-of-flight for the vehicle being monitored.

PREDICTER also provides insight into inter-parameter relationships that may be impairing vehicle performance but not detectable through visual inspection of time-series graphs – such as the noise of one parameter being correlated to the value of another.