ISG participates in the Global Space Innovation Project (GSIP) with ExoAnalytic for the US Defense Innovation Unit

At the 38th Colorado Space Symposium in April 2022, ISG formed a collaboration with US-based ExoAnalytic Solutions – a company with extensive capabilities in optical telescopes and collecting data for space situational awareness. This collaboration was to participate in the GSIP program for the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) of the U.S Department of Defense.

The GSIP program aims to provide extensive capabilities to convey disparate space data in domain specific, strategic, and multi-domain contexts as part of Common Operating Picture tools available on the cloud. ExoAnalytics’ existing tools included:

  • CAE9 (GPR): Data fusion/visualization; multi-domain operations and direct interactions between space fight and terrestrial fight (AFTENCAP, DARPA)
  • ESpOC (Commercial): Tactical C2 for largest SDA sensor networks, enables real-time C2, processing and visualization of network (DIA, NRO)
  • ExoMaps and ExoAlert (Commercial): Space OPINTEL production with analyst on the loop exploitation of SDA data alerts (NROC, NSDC, JTF-SD, NOAA, DIA)
  • SPySE (GPR): Space COA development, Orbital Warfare training, and advanced simulation of space control threats (SSDP/SWAC, NSDC, NSTTC)

ISG’s contribution was to add two proprietary Tools to the GSIP platform:

Metric Tracking Data Analysis (MTDA) Tool – which provides an interactive, real-time service to operators by identifying and quantifying trends in multiple types of telemetry data, analyzing Doppler and range residuals, modelling noise and anomalous behavior, and isolating transient signals for improved tracking performance.

Maneuver Decision Support System(MDSS) – a which analyses satellite conjunctions and provides operators with better event prioritization. The tool identifies key events at any given time, to ensure that high risk conjunctions events are well planned for-well ahead of time to closest approach. 

The tools were successfully demonstrated at SACT 23-1 in November 2022, where it was used to inform operators and add situational awareness on several live and simulated events.

The integration of tools into the Azure platform showed the benefits of a cloud-based solution, including high availability with redundancy protection, as well as the scalability in high usage periods.

ExoAnalytic Solutions provided excellent support during the implementation process – setup was both quick and easy with both tools made ready for demonstration at SACT 23-1 despite having a very limited time schedule. The cloud platform also allowed for an automated pipeline to save and process data automatically using WebSockets.

ISG and ExoAnalytic are now pursuing further opportunities to expand on this initial success.