ISG demonstrates at the International Telemetry Conference (ITC) in Las Vegas

ISG collaborated with telemetry and communications company Parraid to demonstrate at the 58th annual International Telemetry Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in October 2023. The Parraid booth featured ISG’s PREDICTER (Predictive Resource for Estimating Data in Complex Time Series) tool which garnered strong interest from a range of US defence customers.

PREDICTER is a time-series analytics tool that allows operators to rapidly understand the predicted future behaviour of telemetry data, in order to foresee problems and make informed decisions in real-time. The tool gives advanced warning to operators if a certain parameter is statistically likely to exceed upper/lower thresholds in the near future. This gives operators greater control over the vehicle, such as maintaining a specified test environment or ensuring safety-of-flight for the vehicle being monitored. PREDICTER also provides insight into inter-parameter relationships that may be impairing vehicle performance but not detectable through visual inspection of time-series graphs – such as the noise of one parameter being correlated to the value of another.

Managing Director David Shteinman pictured with Parraid field engineer Bill Harrison, in front of monitors showing ISG’s PREDICTER tool alongside Parraid’s OMEGA NExT (Network EXtensible Telemetry).