ISG to exhibit at the Team Defence Australia stand at 37th Space Symposium – Colorado, USA


ISG has been selected to be a member of the NSW Going Global Space USA program – allowing us to exhibit our capabilities and products for the space sector with Team Defence Australia at the upcoming Space Symposium in Colorado Springs in April 2022.  It is the largest exhibition of space industry in the world. ISG will be demonstrating its software toolkits to assist space missions:

  • MDSS (Manouvre Decision Support System) – software tool to assist satellite operations in conjunction assessment and manoeuvre planning by using a meaningful and intuitive metric, based on the physical dynamics of conjunctions. DSS software package that provides a recommended action, derived from predictions of Probability of Collision to satellite operators following the detection of a conjunction.
  • TRACER (Tools for Risk Assessment & UnCERtainty Quantification) – A space mission analytics toolkit that will improve the accuracy and lower the risk of complex space missions. The toolkit reduces simulation time and replaces existing ad-hoc and non-repeatable processes saving significant time and labour cost.
  •  TASKER –  A toolkit for optimizing scheduling and tasking of multiple sensors for tracking space debris. The toolkit uses an information-gain based algorithm to select ideal sensor object pairs, maximizing sensor utility. The toolkit has been used to optimize the tracking of over 20,000 objects with up to 17 sensors in real time.


ISG appeared in an Investment New South Wales promotional campaign highlighting success stories of its Going Global Export Program. Watch the video here.