Industrial Sciences Group has completed a wide range of mining projects for various mining organisations in Australia, Asia and the Middle East, some projects include:

  • De-bottlenecking and process management: Understanding process variability including cyclone feed flow, cyclone pressure, number of active cyclones and pair-wise relationship, Stabilise and increase throughput of the grinding circuits (Newcrest Mining, Lihir Gold)
  • Subsidence prediction: Geo-mechanics; prediction of ground movements due to underground coal mining (Mine Subsidence Engineering Consultants, BHP Illawarra Coal, Aust. Coal Association Research Programme)
  • Mineral Processing: Experimental Design for process improvement in the Potash granulation process (Baran & Dead Sea Works, Israel)
  • Statistical innovations in Geo-statistics: stochastic simulations; models, Multi-Point Statistics
  • Deep Mine rock mechanics/rock bursts: Problem of errors of in- situ rock stress data
  • Block caving: Sampling in mass-mining context
  • Modelling to improve simulation of truck movements with respect to changes in mine operations  – Iron ore  (BHP Iron Ore)
  • Short-term, medium term optimal planning of operations (truck movements, blending, stockpiling)with uncertainty, eg. breakdown events
  • Optimal equipment selection (purchase/lease) timeline and maintenance scheduling

We have also published papers on some of our work: