David Shteinman

Managing Director, Senior Engineer

David Shteinman is a professional engineer and industrial entrepreneur with 27 years’ experience in manufacturing, mining and transport. David has a passion for applying advanced mathematics and statistics to improve business outcomes. He leads The Industrial Sciences Group, a company formed from two of Australia’s leading research centres: The Australian Research Council and the University of NSW. He has been responsible for over 30 projects to date that combine innovative applications of  mathematics and statistics to several branches of engineering (transport and traffic, mining , aerospace and manufacturing).

Major projects  include new methods to improve the design of micro-simulation models, area wide network control for reducing urban traffic congestion, estimating travel times on a freeway, experimental design for process improvement in a Gold mine’s process plant, experimental debottlenecking process improvement in Potash mine, performance analysis of a spacecraft communication network, design of lunar landing simulations and redesign of the instrument calibration system at a nuclear reactor.